AMCI Under the Hood LIVE Episode 45

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On this Episode of Under the Hood: An Ironic Result of Advanced Safety Tech, VW Powers Up for EVs, the Hardest Working Lambo in the World, Swedish Safety and Diesel Is on Life Support //

This week we explore a counterintuitive result to the proliferation of advanced safety features, as more cars are assessed as totaled due to expensive tech elements being damaged in a collision. Volkswagen declares its war on Tesla’s plans for electric domination—but they haven’t even sourced their batteries yet. This old bull just keeps going—the highest-mileage Lamborghini in the world serves as a cautionary tale about how expensive it is to maintain a car that chugs high-octane fuel, eats tires for breakfast and has headlights that cost… how much?! The Swedes have applied a unique mindset to vehicle safety that is paying dividends—traffic and energy management. Last, diesel makes a last-ditch attempt to survive the oncoming EV onslaught with some surprising (yet expensive) new upgrades.

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