AMCI Testing

Advocating for product truths

Truth for all

AMCI Testing is driven by a single focus-telling the honest story of products and brands. For consumers, we deliver definitive information that enables them to make an informed purchase based on fact. For manufacturers, we give a truthful measure of product advantages, shortcomings and necessary improvements. And because the FTC keeps a close watch on what we do, our work is held to the highest government standards and scrutiny. In more than 30 years of testing, we have never had a claim overturned. Not once.

AMCI Testing//by the numbers

Being one of the leading independent automotive testing companies in the world means we get to work with every type of brand, on every type project you can imagine-often, all in the same year. Before we can deliver the facts to them, however, we’ve got to find them out for ourselves. We’ve logged a lot of hours on the test track sorting fact from fiction.

More than 250,000 individual tests

automobiles tested

more than 1,000 claims certified

The way we see it

We’re big believers in the saying, “Anything worth doing is worth measuring.” That measurement is only valuable, however, when it’s translated into meaningful product and brand stories for customers. To do that, those stories should put a lens on issues currently weighing on buyers and the industry.

Perceived product parity.

The future of auto propulsion is revealing itself.

Everyone says Millenials don’t buy cars.

Getting it

It’s our job to stay current with what really matters-first to the consumer, then to our clients. By testing anything and everything related to a vehicle (and we do test literally everything related to a vehicle), we reveal its true story and give consumers and manufacturers alike an honest look at what sets one vehicle apart from another.

  • Prototype Development
  • Component Development
  • Durability Development
  • Statistical Comparisons
  • Design Assessments
  • Quality Assessments
  • Total Quality Study™ (TQS)
  • Lifetime Quality Study™ (LQS)
  • Vehicle Importation
  • Federal Certification
  • CVA® (Comparative Vehicle Assessment)
  • AMCI Testing Certification