Electrification Did You Know Going EV Cures Range Anxiety and Gasoline Addiction?

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by Devin DiLibero, Executive Creative Director, EV Team Leader, AMCI


Recently, the AAA released the results of its latest survey of electric vehicle owners. I found a couple of results interesting.

Range anxiety is a big obstacle to first-time EV purchase.

The reality for EV owners is different. 77% of those who were originally concerned with range became less or no longer concerned post-purchase. In fact, 95% of owners report never running out of charge.

AMCI Global 95% of EV Owners Fact

Electric vehicle owner retention is through the roof.

It seems like once you own an EV, you become an EV owner for life, with 96% reporting that they would buy another EV.

AMCI Global 96 of EV Owners


In the coming year, I expect we’ll see the numberabove rise as more EVs, in more shapes and sizes and with bigger batteries hit the market  What are your thoughts?  

Read the full AAA report here.


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