AMCI Global CES 2018 – At the Intersection of Technology and Mobility

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With over 500 vehicular related exhibits, there were more cars at this year’s CES than ever before. And it’s fitting since in 2018 the auto and tech industries are experiencing unprecedented convergence and changing how we think about and approach mobility.
By our appraisal, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz had the most substantial and impressive showing of all the manufacturers, while Intel, Panasonic, and Samsung stood out among pack of Tier 1 suppliers.

Three overriding themes emerged among the show’s offerings, each overlapping with the others in turn: electrification, artificial intelligence, and autonomy. As each of these categories of tech mature and develop, we’re sure to see some competing visions for the future win out, and the dramatic results will be reflected at CES over the next few years.

CES2018 Highlights From @AMCIGlobal


Genovation Corvette

Byton Concept

AMG Project One


Artificial Intelligence

ZF demonstration



NAVYA concept

Toyota e-Pallete


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