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Electrification Did You Know Going EV Cures Range Anxiety and Gasoline Addiction?

Reading Time: < 1 minute by Devin DiLibero, Executive Creative Director, EV Team Leader, AMCI   Recently, the AAA released the results of its latest survey of electric vehicle owners. I found a couple of results interesting. Range anxiety is a big obstacle to first-time EV purchase. The reality for EV owners is different. 77% of those who were originally […]

Electrification Planning My Electric Vehicle Drive to Yosemite

AMCI Electrification Blog Jaguar IPACE Yosemite electric vehicle

Reading Time: 5 minutes Or How I Kicked Range Anxiety and Learned to Love the Electron by Devin DiLibero, Executive Creative Director, EV Team Leader, AMCI For this blog I’ve been assigned to plan a summer road trip in a fully electric vehicle. The Vehicle? A 2019 Jaguar I-PACE SE Unfortunately, I won’t be actually driving the I-PACE on […]



Reading Time: 4 minutes May 22, 2019 – Los Angeles, California AMCI announces its annual AMCI INSIDE TABS rankings and awards. The results are sure to surprise many. Trust is one of the most powerful human emotions. We are biologically wired to make our decisions based on trust.  The auto industry has been slow to embrace this imperative. But […]

The Autonomous Vehicle Future

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Autonomous vehicles need to navigate human nature and urban planning to thrive. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, behavioral models, hardware design achievements, our newsfeeds are full of (often fascinating) articles following the advancements in an industry that promises to change—no, simplify—the way we think about mobility forever. What about the cities in which these advancements are […]

What to Do Now That the Consumer Is Back in the Driver’s Seat

AMCI Global Future of Retail

Reading Time: 5 minutes We, the consumers, have decided that we want it OUR way and today’s smart sellers are paying attention. Today’s shopping experience is comparable to how things used to be—when the consumer had more power than the seller. Word of mouth now moves at lightning speed, thanks to technology, and sellers are learning to prioritize their […]

Ten Things That Surprised Me About Electric Vehicle Ownership

AMCI Global - Electrification-EV Ownership

Reading Time: 6 minutes How Owning an Electric Vehicle Has Made Me an Advocate for Life I’m Lee Ezell, the manager of the Vehicle Knowledge Center at AMCI. And while it’s my passion to learn about and develop an appreciation for every vehicle on the market, I can’t say I ever considered myself to be the target demographic for […]

Autonomous Vehicles Your Guide to the 5 Levels of Autonomy

Autonomous Vehicles

Reading Time: 4 minutes Manufacturers are touting various autonomous features in their vehicles today, but this journey is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.   If you are in the automotive market, you are being bombarded by headlines signaling the end of vehicle ownership as we know it. We’ve monitored hundreds of thousands of social media posts […]

What’s In Store for Automotive Retail?

AMCI Future of Automotive Retail

Reading Time: 2 minutes What are we talking about when we talk about the future of automotive retail? Not a day passes without seeing an article touching on some aspect of how automotive retail is changing. Speculation abounds: Will dealers exist in the future? How big will car sharing or ride sharing get? What role will giants like Amazon […]


Reading Time: 3 minutes October 14, 2018 – Los Angeles As part of its second annual “Trusted Automotive Brand Study™ (TABS),” AMCI investigated automotive retailing innovation across all brands. While there has been a staggering level of investment in technology and training over the last 10 years, much of it seems to have done little to materially improve the […]

Want to Sell More Electric Vehicles? Improve the Buying Experience First.

AMCI Selling More Electric Vehicles

Reading Time: 3 minutes 11-Simple Steps for Dealers to Sell More Electric Vehicles: By the time an electric vehicle buyer enters a dealership, they have done a lot of homework. They expect and deserve to engage with people in the dealership who understand them and can really help. While the OEM can help move things along, any dealer who […]