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AMCI Under the Hood LIVE Episode 45

On this Episode of Under the Hood: An Ironic Result of Advanced Safety Tech, VW Powers Up for EVs, the Hardest Working Lambo in the World, Swedish Safety and Diesel Is on Life Support // This week we explore a counterintuitive result to the proliferation of advanced safety features, as more cars are assessed as […]

AMCI Under the Hood LIVE Episode 44

On this Episode of AMCI Under the Hood: April Industry Sales Downturn, the Mighty Mighty Ford GT, 100 Octane, BMW’s Electric Future, and the Petersen Ferrari Exhibit //   Sales are down across the industry, so we explore some of the root reasons and assuage any possible panic. The new Ford GT looks and drives […]

AMCI LIVE Coverage New York Int’l Auto Show 2017


Go behind the scenes of the New York Int’l Auto Show with us on Twitter AMCI Covers the New York Int'l Auto Show 2017 #NYIAS

AMCI Under the Hood LIVE Episode 41

The Best Cars Past 200K Miles, the Top Players in Autonomy, Daimler Pivots to Electric, How We Learned to Stop Fearing Autonomous and Your Brain on Autopilot //     This week we take a look at which cars fair the best north of 200,000 miles. Navigant ranks the biggest powerhouses in the autonomous arms […]

AMCI Under the Hood LIVE Episode 39

The Most Dangerous Used Cars, 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car in Shape, the VW T-ROC, Trump Looks to Relax Emissions Regs, and Model 3 Specs // We review some of cars to avoid when buying used for yourself or the new driver in your family. We share four easy everyday tips to keep […]

AMCI Under the Hood LIVE Episode 38 – Geneva Auto Show 2017

Last week we crossed the Alps and conquered Switzerland at the Geneva Auto Show. This week we’re rolling up our sleeves to recap our top 10 favorite vehicles of the show, including some real stunners from Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Alpine and more. Plus, we’re taking a look into the monumental new merger of Intel and […]

AMCI Under the Hood LIVE Episode 37

The Return of the Renault Alpine, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and AMCI’s New Trust Study // Next week, two exciting vehicles are making their debut across the pond at the Geneva Auto Show: the Renault Alpine makes its return with stunning looks and a foretold 0–60 mph of 4.5 seconds, and Mitsubishi vies for the […]

AMCI Under the Hood LIVE Episode 35

Bugatti Chiron, Hit-and-Runs, Hitachi and Honda, Cars and Computers, Frits, and Jaguar Engine Theft // WATCH NOW We take a look at the latest numbers from the legendary Bugatti Chiron and fantasize about life among the international elite. We discuss important strategies for dealing with a hit-and-run collision. Honda and Hitachi team up for an […]

AMCI Under the Hood – LIVE Episode 34

NADA and J.D. Power, Honda and GM Fuel Cells, 2018 Acura TLX, HMI Woes, New Toyota Supra, and Mercedes-Benz Car2Go // WATCH NOW Ian prognosticates the future and regales us with knowledge from the 2017 National Automobile Dealers Association meeting in New Orleans. Honda and General Motors team up to tackle the fuel cell once […]

AMCI Under the Hood – LIVE Episode 33

Leasing Mayhem, Autonomous for the Handicapped, BMW Designer Exodus, Aston Martin’s Mysterious Symbols, Bye-Bye Bernie and Uber Pays Up // WATCH NOW On this week’s episode of AMCI: Under the Hood LIVE, Ian discusses the impending used market-destroying influx of off-lease vehicles in the coming years. Autonomous vehicles bring promises of mobility and easier employment […]