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From opinion-shifting customer experiences to industry-leading education, testing and evaluation, our goal is simple: Transform the way people interact with automotive brands.

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Strengthening relationships. Building belief. Inspiring people to buy your brand.

That’s advocacy. And that’s what we’ve been creating for more than 30 years.



What we do is creative.

Strive to change hearts
and blow minds.

AMCI Inside

AMCI Inside

What we do is strategic.

Improve the experience for your
customers and your employees.

AMCI Testing

AMCI Testing

What we do is secret.

Uncover stories about your products
that even you didn’t know existed.

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And only automotive.

This is the only industry that we care about. Our passion and commitment to it drives our success and keeps us up at night. Here are a few trends we’re noodling over at the moment.

Ownership and interest is falling among new drivers. To reverse that trend, we’ve got to build a meaningful, personal link between car and customer.

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The “Digital Age” is continuing to change the way people shop. To survive, brands have to bring customers emotionally engaging experiences that align their online and in-person actions.

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With so many automobiles flooding the marketplace, it’s getting harder and harder to tell them apart. To get clarity, you’ve got to bring the truth about products to life.

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